Acorn Bearings are a leading supplier of aerospace bearings, fasteners & airframe bearings. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a full range of aerospace components, including bearings, rod ends and fasteners for both commerical and military applications.

Founded in 1987, our team has built a tremendous wealth of expertise and experience allowing us to supply components which meet the specific requirements of our diverse range of clients.

Our capabilities include the supply of aerospace bearings, rod ends, landing wheel bearings and aerospace fasteners from manufacturers including Timken, SKF, IKO, FAG, NTN, RHP & Nachi. Please find an overview of our range below.

Acorn Aerospace Bearings supports private jets as well as commerical airliners

We stock and supply a full range of aerospace bearings & airframe bearings

Precision aerospace components for demanding military & defence applications

Aerospace bearings and fasteners for a range of applications & aircraft

Acorn Bearings stocks and supply super precision aerospace roller bearings from trusted manufacturers in an extensive range of sizes and specifications.

Our range includes imperial & metric sizes ranging from popular series to highly specified airframe bearings. Click here to find out more about our range of aerospace bearings.

Aerospace Roller Bearings

Acorn Bearings supplies a massive range of aerospace plain bearings, including male and female rod end bearings. Both metal-to-metal and self-lubricating are avaliable. We stock all popular series of rod ends, including:

  • COM
  • NSSB
  • YSSB
  • WSSB
  • RS-T
  • ABT
  • ABWT

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Aerospace Rod Ends

When a 500-ton aircraft touches down on the runway, the entire load is transmitted from the airframe to the ground through the landing wheels. Under these extreme conditions, the wheels accelerate from 0 to 170+ MPH and heat up from sub-zero at 30,000 feet to extreme heat under breaking, all in a fraction of a second.

Timken has developed a range of FAA approved landing wheel bearings which handle these loads safely landing after landing. All Timken aircraft landing wheel bearings are subjected to inspection code 629, in either 20629 (imperial) or N0629 (metric) designations.

The full range of Timken FAA-PMA aproved landing wheel bearings which we supply can be found here.

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Aircraft Landing Wheel Bearings

Acorn Bearings specialises in the supply of aerospace fasteners, seals and components for engines, airframe and hydraulic systems.

Our range includes PTFE Bushes, Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, Screws & Washers. In addition, we stock many of the common industry ranges, including:


Find out more about our range of aerospace fasteners and rotables.

Aerospace Fasteners

Acorn Bearings supplies a complete range of components for cabin interiors, including gas struts, gas springs and rotary dampers.

With a range of specifications avaliable for different operating environments, Acorn Bearings supply gas struts and springs for overhead locker bins to fighter jets, and everything in between.

Our range of rotary dampers includes the following popular designs:

  • FRT
  • FRN
  • FYN
  • FDT
  • FYT

Find out more about our range of struts and dampers for your application.

Struts and Dampers

Acorn Aerospace Bearings stock and supply a full range of wire management solutions for both commerical aircraft and defense applications.

Self-wrapping and expandable designs are avaliavle to help resolve abrasion, bundling, thermal management, electromagnetic interference and electrical issues.

We stock many of the popular VK Flex wire management products.

Find out more about our range of conduit trunking and wire management solutions

Conduit Trunking

Acorn Aerospace Bearings supply a full range of oils, greases and lubricants for the aerospace industry, including the popular AeroShell range. These products include:

  • Piston Engine Oil
  • Turbine Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluids & Preservatives

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Oils and Greases

In addition to our range of Struts & Dampers, Conduit Trunking & Aerospace Fasteners, Acorn Aerospace Bearings works closely with designers and manufacturers in the creation of aircraft seating, cabin funiture & storage units.

Acorn Aerospace Bearings works closely with airlines and OEM's to supply components which create aircraft interior solutions. We are able to supply components and kits to call off schedules to keep the manufacturing process running.

Find out more about how we can help create solutions for cabin interiors.

Cabin Interiors